• Corporate Headquarters 3824 Williamson Road, Crowley, TX 76036

Derrek Drury

Innovation Advisor

Derrek Drury founded Diamondback Industries in July 1999.  He quickly established strong relationships and customer loyalty throughout the global oil & gas completions market. The product lines created under his leadership were pipe recovery tools, disposable setting tools, power charges, igniters, bridge plugs, and composite plugs.  Diamondback become most known for their innovative power charge devices.

Drury has 30 years experience in the oil & gas industry and holds numerous energetics patents and continues working toward the next great disruptive technology.  He gained much knowledge in ballistics design from his grandfather, Harrold Owen, a highly respected pioneer in the industry. Drury worked extensively for both Owen Oil Tools in Texas and a Pemex partnership in Mexico prior to launching Diamondback.