• Corporate Headquarters 3824 Williamson Road, Crowley, TX 76036

Brian Gleason

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Brian Gleason currently serves as Chief Manufacturing Officer at Diamondback Industries, Inc.  Previously, he was the Vice President of Operations at a privately held aerospace supplier, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.  The aerospace company was an international, multi-site, Tier I supplier providing major structural assemblies and machined parts for various aircraft including Boeing 737, 787, and 777.  Mr. Gleason has led Research and Development teams, as well as Manufacturing Engineering departments for other aerospace and medical device manufacturing companies in Oklahoma and Colorado.  Additionally, he owned and has since sold a small company that designed, manufactured, and distributed ultra-high performance automotive supercharger systems.  He advised performance engineers at major automotive companies such as Hyundai, Jeep, and Isuzu, as well as leading aftermarket performance companies such as Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Kenne-Bell.

Mr. Gleason is a 3 time gold medalist in the National Skills USA Automated Manufacturing competitions held annually in Kansas City, MO.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in LEAN, Six Sigma, and other manufacturing best practice methodologies. Mr. Gleason is well versed in ISO 9000 and AS9100 certifications as well as FAA, FDA, and other US government regulatory associations.