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About US

Founded in July 1999, the Diamondback brand name has become synonymous with quality, service, and integrity. Our technologically advanced product offerings continue to excel in the market and are 100% manufactured in the USA. Through a solid global distribution network, we have established a competitive edge and steadfast relationships.


Derrek Drury
Derrek DruryChief Executive Officer
Benton Cantey
Benton CanteyPresident
Rob Andres
Rob AndresSenior VP Ballistics Engineering/Product Development
Tonya Cheek
Tonya CheekExecutive VP of Finance
Robert Boyce
Robert BoyceChief Operating Officer
Mitchell Miller
Mitchell MillerExecutive VP of Sales
Brian Gleason
Brian GleasonVP of Operations
Daley Miller
Daley MillerDirector of Marketing
Brad Warren
Brad WarrenAssistant Vice President / Compliance Officer
Johnny Balderas
Johnny BalderasHSE Director
Nichole Bucher
Nichole BucherAccounting Tech