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Diamondback Industries Be the Customers’ First Choice

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be our customers’ first choice by providing trusted solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to treat our employees, customers, and vendors with utmost respect while inspiring our organization to build innovative and quality products and to create an exceptional and superior customer experience.

Since 1999 – Over 20+ Years of Experience & Continuous Growth

Founded in July 1999 with the legacy of Harold Owen, the Diamondback brand name has become synonymous with customer service, innovation, quality, and integrity. Our technologically advanced product offerings continue to excel in the market and are 100% manufactured in the USA. A deep passion for our customers, family, and teamwork is the driving force behind our daily efforts. We appreciate your trust in us.


Integrity is the core tenant at Diamondback. Our word is our bond.

“Integrity is the foundation for everything we do at Diamondback.”

Benton Cantey, CEO


Customer Service

We demand that our service is as strong and reliable as our product. If you need us, we are at your service 24/7. we consider ourselves your partner at every step-site. Customers are the bedrock of our business.

“We strive to be our customers' trusted partner by combining the best products with the best service.”

Robert Boyce, COO

quality by sohan


Every product we manufacture is of the highest quality. Our philosophy is to be process driven. We continually strive to improve the performance and efficiency of our products.

“We manufacture exceptional products that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Brian Gleason, CMO

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